Fast Back Ropes

Carson Valley Cowboy Supply is proud to be the newest Fast Back rope dealer in Nevada! We are the only Fast Back Dealer in the Carson Valley.

Magnum Team Ropes.

.457 mag 65/35 4 strand.            .44  mag  100% 3 strand.          .444 mag 100% 4 strand.          .357 mag 65/35 3 strand.      11/32 or 3/8 scant. xxs-mh

Gator Team Ropes.

there are 8 ropes in the Gator Team Roping line..                                        Albino-3 strand 100% white.           Gladiator-4 strand 100% white             Apocalypse-4 strand 100% teal/green Annihilator-4 strand 50/50 pink         Mountain Gator-3 strand 65/35 blue/green.                                          Gripper-4 strand 75/25 green             
Fource-4 strand 65/35 ice blue OUR BEST SELLING GATOR ROPE!             Fource Tie On- 4 strand ice blue 25ft

Performance Poly Calf Ropes.

These are Polypropylene calf ropes developed over 40 yrs ago Lead weighted core.treated with a special blend of oils for true performance.      3 strand- 9.5-10.5 white or gold/white 28ft.                                               4 strand- 9.5-10.5 tan 28ft               Syngrass Manilla- 9.5-10.5 28ft.      BadASS Polygrass- 10.25 28ft this is as good as it gets in a calf rope!

Open Range Ranch Ropes.     The original ranch ropes.             Original- 3 strand 65/35 white or green 40ft, 50ft, 60ft 3/8 scant or 5/16.                                     Eclipse- 4 strand 85/15 lime green, HOT PINK, bright orange 3/8 scant or 3/8 super scant xxs-ms 50ft           Two Tone- 4 strand 88/12, pink/black, orange/black, teal/black,purple/black 50ft,60ft xs-s


Carson Valley Cowboy Supply

Roping Supplies, Accessories.

We carry everything from Tie down strings,speed burners, gloves, rope bags, horn knots, hats, shirts, koozies...

Performance Poly Ranch Ropes.

3 strand and 4 strand Poly,       Syngrass 3 strand.                   Drylon Ranch Poly.                       Left Twist Poly.                             Tri-Lead 3 strand Poly.                 Ranch Poly with Speed Burners.             

LoneStar Ropes Brings High Quality 3 and 4 strand ropes, to help take you to the pay window..Falcon, Raptor, Titan, Inferno and Storm are 4 strand.. The Glacier and Hawk are 3 strand....come in lays from XXS-HM

Custom Ropes.
Have something special in mind? We can do it! Choose your diameter, length, lay, material, color, burner, and eye and we will build it. Min order of 5...  

Rocky Mountain Team Ropes.

Rocky Mtn. ropes come in 3 different blends. 100% 85/15 or 65/35 in sizes 3/8 true 3/8 scant and 11/32..   Rocky 2- 3 strand ,    100%               Rocky Rocket 4 strand 100%    Ropervison 4 strand 100% Nylon.     Reaper -65/35 3 or 4 strand     Eclipse 85/15 3 or 4 strand

Top Hand Ropes

Top Quality Ropes Designed by the best rope maker in the world, Curt Matthews. We put every fiber of our being into every rope we produce.